In the beautiful Thy, in the center of ”Cold Hawaii” and Thy National Park, you’ll find GAARDEN BED & BREAKFAST. We have converted the old candle factory into a cozy small Bed & Breakfast, perfect for a small get away, golftrip, surfing, hiking/bicycling in Thy National Park and so on.

GAARDEN’s history
There have been a lot of activity in our old farm from the 17th century. Many people have during the years passed through ” Kalles Vognmands hus" (Kalle wagon driver’s house) as the house is knows to the locals.

The oldest parts of Kalles Vognmands hus" originate from 1728, where the farm was a tenant farm. The farm is now located on Kalle’s mark (Kalles field). The next road is named Niels Vognmands vej (Niels Wagon Driver’s road) who was the dad of Kalle Vognmand. Kalles Vognmands hus is located on Kalles Mark 2, only a couple of houndred yards from the beach where Kalle hauled fish, first with a horse drawn wagon and later on a tractor, from the fishing boats that were hauled up on the beach. They also sold eggs and milk from the farm. Today the beach is a paradise for surfers.

In 1993 we opened at candle factory in the old barn and stable. We made the candles in the old candle factory. During the years we had many classes in how to make candles. In 2005 we stopped making candles but continued to have our show until 2016. We opened our Bed & Breakfast in 2011.

There’s still activity in Kalles Vognmands old farm.


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